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It’s not about the destination – it’s the journey. That’s why we work with you to first understand your business and its unique challenges and opportunities. Together we’ll create a plan that meets the ever-changing needs of your customers across the digital landscape.

What we do:

Digital Marketing Assessment

We provide a high level review of your existing online marketing activity so you have a better understanding of your unique challenges and opportunities. Request more info

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

We provide a complete review of your existing digital marketing activity and use it to prepare an integrated digital plan with individual channel recommendations, giving you a complete approach for how to succeed online.

Architecture and User Experience Planning

We provide site map/architecture planning and wireframe planning for all of your digital experiences, giving you a blueprint of what your pillar digital pieces will look like before you invest in interface design.

City of Moncton

In partnership with Hawk, Modern Media is leading an extensive Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy project to create consistency and drive results across multiple digital properties in two languages.