A good content management system (CMS) enables a website owner to create, modify, and remove content without any programming knowledge or experience - making it a cost efficient investment for business owners.

The Drupal CMS platform is one of the most popular CMS packages on the web today, and our in-house staff build the majority of our website projects using Drupal.

Drupal is maintained and developed by a community of over 1,000,000 users and developers, including the Modern Media team!

Our Core Strengths

Track Record:

Since adopting Drupal as our preferred open source platform in 2006, Modern Media has designed and developed many websites on the Drupal platform, including

  • oliviersoaps.com
  • thechronicleherald.ca
  • energy.novascotia.ca
  • tallshipstrading.ca
  • NFNM.ca

Design & Development:

Modern Media sets out to design and develop each client website project in a way that meets their unique needs and requirements

  • Website Strategy
  • Architecture and User Experience Planning
  • Custom Design
  • QA Testing
  • Deployment & Maintenance

Platform Knowledge:

You can be confident knowing all Modern Media developers work with Drupal on a daily basis, constantly refining their skills and approach 

  • E-commerce Website Development
  • Custom Module Development
  • Web Applications
  • Drupal Patch & Update Implementation
  • Responsive Website Development 

"Many global and Canadian clients are choosing Drupal, no surprise – it’s the world’s  #1 open source platform. With Drupal we empower our clients to manage their own web content in a timely and cost efficient manner.”

- Wynne Van Thielen, Senior Manager Client Service, Modern Media

Some of the key Drupal features include:

Open Source PHP Software

Many agencies offer proprietary software solutions, tying your website to their technical teams for its lifecycle. Drupal is not a proprietary system, so any web developer with PHP knowledge can update your website.

Highly Modularized

Developers can download, customize and install plug-in features and functionality that would ordinarily be time-consuming and costly to develop from scratch. This reduces development costs for the client while providing a similar user experience and function set to that of a custom-developed approach.

Easy to Manage Interface

The Drupal backend interface makes it easy to create, modify, or remove content from your website without programming knowledge.

Separated Design and Content

The CMS separates your website’s design from its content, so you’re be able to refresh your design without necessarily rebuilding your website or repopulating your content.

Large Development Community

Drupal’s large web-based community of developers maintains detailed documentation for every feature and function of the platform / system. For us, this decreases research time. For you, this reduces costs and allows you to not be bound to us for all future updates and upgrades.